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About Conference

The 2nd Annual International Conference and Exhibition on Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute (The 2nd ICE on IMERI 2017)

“Personalized medicine:  From bench to community”


  • National Research Biobank Workshop: “Strengthening the Research Biobank Network Through Capacity Building” (Read More)
  • IHWG:  Hydration Master Class (Read More)
  • CRSU: Good Clinical Practice  (Read More)
  • NBD Workshop:  The Role of Brain Bank in Neuroscience Research (Read More) 
  • Stem Cell Workshop: “Breakthrough on Stem Cell Treatment in Regenerative Medicine” (Read More)
  • MJI Workshop : Scientific Writing Article  (Read More)


  1. Animal Research
  2. Cancer
  3. Drug Discovery and Development
  4. Human Genetic
  5. Human Nutrition
  6. Human Reproductive, Fertility and Family Planning
  7. Hydration
  8. Hypoxia and Oxdative Stress
  9. Infectious Disease and Immunology
  10. Medical Education
  11. Medical Museum
  12. Medical Technology
  13. Metabolic Disorder, Cardiovascular and Aging
  14. Molecular Biology and Proteomic
  15. Neuroscience and Brain Development
  16. Occupational and Environmental Health
  17. Sport and Exercise Studies
  18. Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering

  Important Date

Full Paper Submission Deadline (Extended):

30 November 2017


Guideline for Full Paper Preparation for Publication

All authors with accepted abstracts (orals and posters) at ICE on IMERI 2017 are invited to submit a full paper for review process until November 30, 2017. All presented papers at ICE on IMERI 2017 will have opportunities for published in ASL (Advanced Science Letters) journals with further review process :

ASL (Advanced Science Letters) Guideline Link:  http://www.aspbs.com/science/inst-auth_science.htm

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